Kim Taehyung Career, Family, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Biodata

Kim Taehyung Career , Family, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Biodata
Kim Taehyung Career , Family, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Biodata

Taehyung is an esteemed member of the internationally acclaimed boyband, BTS. He is widely recognized for his impressive abilities in singing, dancing, and acting, and is admired for his captivating visual aura. He goes by the stage name V, which symbolizes Victory, and he was originally a concealed member until the group’s debut in 2013.

Kim Taehyung Career, Family, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Biodata

Kim Taehyung Biodata:

Born Name: Kim Tae Hyung

Stage Name: V

Position: Vocalist and Dancer

Birthday: December 30, 1995

Birthplace: Seo District, Daegu, South Korea

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Height: 178 cm / 1.78 m (5’10″)

Weight: 62 kg (137 lbs)

Blood Type: AB

Age: 26

Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Actor

Years active: 2013–present

Marital Status: Unmarried

 Nationality: South Korean

Kim Taehyung Early Life & Education:

He was born on December 30, 1995, in Seo District, Daegu, South Korea. He always wanted to be a singer since he was young. Kim and Jimin were classmates in high school.

Kim Taehyung Education:

Korean Arts High School in 2014, Global Cyber University.

Kim Taehyung Family:

His parents are farmers. His dad is his role model. He has a younger brother named Kim Jeong and a younger sister named Kim Aeon Jin.

Kim Taehyung Career:

On June 13, 2013, he made his debut as a member of BTS. He is the second-youngest member of the group. Kim is closest to Jin and Jungkook in the group. Kim is known for his vocals in BTS. His label is called Big Hit Entertainment. His band’s hit singles include “Boy in Luv” and “2 Cool 4 Skool.” In 2016, he acted in the Korean drama “Hwarang.” In 2013, he won the MelOn Music Award for New Artist of the Year.

Kim Taehyung Net Worth:

Kim Taehyung’s net worth is estimated to be $30 million. In 20123, Kim Tae’s exact salary was not disclosed.

Kim Taehyung Girlfriend:

Single He is currently single and focusing on his career.

Kim Taehyung’s Favorites:

His favorite colors are green and black.

Kim’s favorite subject in school was music.

His favorite BTS song is “Dark & Wild.” Kim’s favorite music genre is hip-hop.

His favorite artist is Eric Bennett.

His favorite place is his hometown, Dae Gu.

Kim’s favorite fashion style is long coats and black jeans.

His favorite foods are Korean potato noodles, meat, and japchae.

His favorite number is 10.

Kim’s favorite items are computers, clothes, shoes, accessories, big dolls, and anything unique.

Kim Taehyung Facts:

Kim ranked 1st in the “Top 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2017.”

His nicknames are Tae Tae and Blank Tae.

His Chinese Name is Kim Tae Hyung.

Kim is popularly known as ‘V.’

His religion is Christianity.

He likes acting a lot. He speaks Korean, English, and Japanese.

Kim thinks red hair suits him the best. His fan club name is A.R.M.Y.

His shoe size is “7 1/2”.

He likes anything unique.

He enjoys searching for good songs.

Members say he is a horrible cook.

He has a 4D personality. One of his hobbies is photography.

He clenches his teeth while sleeping.

He doesn’t like coffee but loves hot cocoa.

Kim loves lion-related merchandise.

He does not have any tattoos.

Kim likes almost all of the cartoons on Toonieverse.

He loves watching cartoons and anime.

He has a cat named Kkangji.

Kim is brilliant at playing the saxophone.

He is scared of ghosts. He is good at Dub Smash.

Kim loves bubbles.

Kim has a habit of biting his nails.

Kim sometimes speaks in an alien language.

He doesn’t like to wear shoes.

Kim’s three requirements for happiness are Family, Health, and Honor.

Kim Taehyung’s ideal type: is someone who takes care of him, loves only him, and has a lot of aegyo.

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