What are some coolest Quotes by Twice?

What are some coolest Quotes by Twice?

Well, all the quotes from Twice are ‘cool,’ but I will choose my favourite from each member! Check out some Inspirational Twice Quotes!

Which TWICE member are you?

Nayeon Im Quotes:

Nayeon Im Quotes

“Nayeon just stole my man.”

– Everyone

Jeongyeon Yoo Quotes:

Jeongyeon Yoo Quotes

“You’re laughing because I’m laughing, but im laughing Because I farted.” – Jeongyeon Yoo

Momo Hirai Quotes:

Momo Hirai Quotes

“What if one day you woke up And you were a chicken nugget.”

“ Aren’t you Curious about What’s on a pig’s mind?”

Sana Minatozaki Quotes:

Sana Minatozaki Quotes

“I used to be a straight A sudent Now im not even straight.” – Sana Minatozaki

Jihyo Park Quotes:

Jihyo Park

“Work hard in silence Let success be your noise.” – Jihyo Park

Mina Myoui Quotes:

Mina Myoui Quotes

“Don’t mistakes silence for Weakness, smart people, don’t Plan big moves out loud.” – Mina Myoui

Dahyun Kim Quotes:

Dahyun Kim Quotes

“I would like to thank, Not only God, but also Jesus.”

“I’ve always taken risks and never Worried what the world night Really think of me.”

Chaeyoung Son Quotes:

Chaeyoung Son Quotes

“Good teachers, good classmates, Good friends, good school, if I gather All the good times I’ve had…  That’s what I call happiness.”

Tzuyu Chou Quotes:

Tzuyu Chou Quotes

“I’m actually not funny, I just really mean and people Think im joking”

“Effort won’t betray you Try your best without Impatience and you will Get good results.”

Who is the best Quotes in TWICE Members?

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