30-EXO Quotes About Changing Your Life

EXO Quotes
EXO Quotes

EXO Quotes About Changing Your Life:

Well, all the quotes from Exo are About Changing Your Life’ but I will choose my favourite from each member! Check out some Inspirational EXO Quotes!

Which EXO member are you?

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Suho’s Quotes:

Suho Honestly Quotes

1. Honestly, I’ve wanted to give up a lot of times…..

Suho Try Quotes

2. I try not to forget to enjoy what’s given,…

Suho Pretty Quotes

3. You are pretty now. But if you don’t learn

Suho Style Work Quotes

4. I’m of the style to work hard,…

Chanyeol’s Quotes:

Chanyeol No Matter Quotes

5. No matter how difficult something is,…

Chanyeol You Are Quotes

6. You’re too young to be…

Xiumin’s Quotes:

Xiumin Being Quotes

7. Being pretty is different….

Xiumin If quotes

8. If there is something that…

Xiumin Just Quotes

9. I just accept myself for who I am…

Xiumin Best Quotes

10. The best thing in life is being able to do…

D.O’s Quotes:

D.O Want Quotes

11. I want to show people…

D.O Forget Quotes

12. Forget all your regrets. …

D.O Help Quotes

13. We can’t help but to be….

D.O Rush Quotes

14. If you rush ahead, you will …

Baekhyun’s Quotes:

Baekhyun Trust Quotes

15. Trust takes years to build, a second….

Baekhyun Life Quotes

16. Life is only a path full…

Baekhyun Learned Quotes

17. I learned the truth that there is…

Baekhyun Fight Quotes

18. Always fight. I will…

Kai’s Quotes:

Kai Makes Quotes

19. Make memories you know

kai Regrets Quotes

20. I’d have no regrets …

Kai Rather Quotes

21. I’d rather bend than ….

Chen’s Quotes:

Chen Even Quotes

22. Even though the language is…

Chen hardens Quotes

23. The ground hardens …

Chen believe Quotes

24. I believe that we should be…

Sehun’s Quotes:

Sehun Let Quotes

25. Let’s live while doing the …

Sehun People Quotes

26. I think people can learn from other …

Sehun New Quotes

27.  I think of new things as something that….

Lay’s Quotes:

Lay Pretty Quotes

28. I pretty much do like myself, well…

Lay practice Quotes

29. The only way to not let myself have ….

Lay Best Quotes

30. I will do my best as myself, then together ….

Who is the best Quotes in EXO?

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