What are the Religion of BLACKPINK members?

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Here with a BLACKPINK Religion!

What do you think is the religion of BLACKPINK members? Feel free to comment below.

Let’s check out BLACKPINK Religion.


Jisoo Religion:

Jisoo Religion

  • Birth Name: Kim Ji Soo
  • Stage Name: Jisoo
  • Jisoo Religion:  Although raised as a Christian, Jisoo does follow the Non-religious faith.

Jennie Religion:

Jennie Religion

  • Birth Name: Kim Jennie
  • Stage Name: Jennie
  • Jennie Religion: It has been reported that Jennie is a Christian. Jennie does follow the Non-religious faith.

Rosé Religion:

Rosé Religion

  • Birth Name: Park Chae Young
  • Stage Name: Rosé
  • Rosé Religion: His religion is Christian. Rosé is Christian and goes to church quite often.

Lisa Religion:

Lisa Religion

  • Stage Name: Lisa
  • Birth Name: Lalisa Manoban
  • Lisa Religion: His religion is Buddhist.

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