What are some coolest Quotes by BLACKPINK?


What are some coolest quotes by BLACKPINK?

Well, all the quotes from BLACKPINK are ‘cool,’ but I will choose my favourite from each member! Check out some Inspirational BLACKPINK Quotes!

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Jisoo Quotes:

Jisoo Quotes
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“You cannot disobey the truth of life.”

“Life is all about timing.”

‘‘I never dream to be anything not possible.”

“In fact, skin colour doesn’t really matter.”

“I’m Jisoo, I’m okay.”

“I don’t like mango.”

“The four of us.”

“Life is what we can’t expect; we can’t just live with probablilty.”

As if it’s your last

“This sad melody resembles you; it makes me wanna cry.”

Rosé Quotes:

Rosé Quotes
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“I like this atmosphere; I’m falling for you tonight.”

“Don’t stop me, So this love can burn up this night.”

“I don’t expect a lot right now. Just stay with me.”

“Kiss me like it’s a lie, as if I’m your last love.”

“Even when I’m looking at you, I’m missing you.”

“If you kiss me once, I’ll kiss you twice.”

“Because of you, my lonely yesterdays are no more.”

“See you later, maybe never…”

“I love mangoes.”

“I always cry on tv. It’s embarrassing.”

“Best when it’s the four of us.”

Lisa Quotes:

Lisa Quotes
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“Kiss him will I diss him I don’t know, but I miss him.”

“Purple hearts for Lisa.”

“I don’t want a boy; I need a man.”

”Enjoy living life to the fullest.”

“So don’t play with me, boy.”

“Now burn baby burn!”

“And I’m so hot; I need a fan.”

“I feel bittersweet.”

“Oh my god! Oh my god daddy!”

“Here’s a letter, for me to you.”

“Here I am kick’in the door.”

“BLACKPINK isn’t possible if we’re not four.”

“today you and i are gambling with youth.”

“Been a bad girl, I know I am.”

Jennie Quotes:

Jennie Quotes
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“Watch your mouth when you speak my name, Jennie.”

“Hands up, little wit bottle full of Henny.”

‘‘Go away, Lisa.”

‘‘They know you’re Jisoo.”

‘‘I personally like milk ice cream.”

‘‘Unicorns are real.”

‘‘Do you know any cities in New Zealand?”

‘‘Literally Netflix all day.”

‘‘Let’s go, Lisa!”

‘‘Say life’s a bitch, but mine’s a movie.”

‘‘Got my mind on the money and the money on my mind.”

‘‘It won’t really work if you pro.”

‘‘His love is my favorite.”

‘‘BLACKPINK is the best with four members.”

Who is the best Quotes in BLACKPINK Members?

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